5 Over the Phone Techniques for Closing the Sale in LA

In order to make sales over the phone, businesses must ensure that their employees are trained properly. Telemarketing training has 5 basic techniques that will help the employees generate more sales on a regular basis.


Confidence is the Key

In order to convert a prospective client into a customer you must be confident about what you are selling to them. It is imperative to have an in-depth knowledge of the product or service that you are dealing with in case the customer has any questions.


Be Natural

One of the things that customers hate to hear from telemarketers is ‘false’ selling. This means the telemarketer is explaining to the customer what the product or service does from either a cheat sheet or a script. For a telemarketer to make more sales over the phone, he/she must be able to speak naturally with the customer as if they are having a conversation more than a formal talk.



This is the key skill in telemarketing. Many over the phone employees believe that if they speak more, they will make more sales. On the contrary, the telemarketer listening to his client more is what increases sales.


Don’t Assume

When selling to a customer over the phone, do not assume that you know what they are about to say. Always have a fresh mind when you speak to a new customer.


Make it Interesting

In order to make a lot of sales, you must be able to make the product or service sound interesting. What every customer thinks is that if the product or service does not sound interesting then it most likely isn’t interesting.

Five Great Over-the-Phone Selling Techniques in LA

Be confident in Los Angles CA

Being confident is a vital part of telemarketing training, particularly while making outbound calls. Getting your over-the-phone selling technique right is very necessary in order to make people buy from you or chooses the path of action you want them to take. Being confident, rather than hesitating out of fear, while talking to them shows the person on the other end of the line that you and your L.A company know what you are doing.


Be natural

Another telemarketing training technique is to sound natural on the call. Take the time to understand the service or product you are selling and explain it to the person on the other end in a clear, concise manner. Master the words on the script and add your own voice tone to it, making the call sound very natural.


Learn to listen

It is important that you ‘listen’ to the person on the call. True listening takes place when the person responds with verbal nods such as ‘yes’, ‘uh-huh’ or ‘I see’. Customers appreciate over the phone sellers who will listen to their queries and answer them. Listening will turn the call into a conversation and work in your favor.


Don’t assume

Don’t assume that you know what the customer is going to say, which will only ruin the conversation. Let the person on the line finish before you can conclude.


Make everything interesting

Since you will have to say the same thing on every one of the hundred calls you make every day, the job will get monotonous. One way to get rid of the boredom and monotony is to alter the script. Say the same things but in a more interesting manner.

How to Create Rapport Over the Phone With a Customer in LA

Practicing reciprocity in Los Angles CA

A good rapport is essential for any conversation to be effective. This is especially true in the case of telemarketing in LA, since the telemarketer has a short span of time to obtain the required information or to convince the customer about a service or product.

When you begin with a smile, the customer automatically feels relaxed. Make sure you listen to the customer and reciprocate similar sentiments that the customer expresses, for a better outcome. It is best to stick to the same words that the customer has used so as to avoid confusion or misunderstandings, especially in the case of descriptions. This also assures the customer of your undivided attention. Empathizing with the customer’s thoughts and feelings will further help in building a good rapport and providing good customer service.

Matching the customer’s style

Every individual has a specific style of speaking. Adapting to the style of the customer will surely help to convince the customer. When you speak, be friendly, but professional. If your job requires you to read out a script, try to be as natural as possible. Use voice modulation as well as good inflection and speak in a way through which you will be able to attract the attention of the customer. It is also advisable to allow the customer to speak without interrupting him or her.

Building rapport through trust

Trust is a crucial aspect of building rapport. If you are unable to get the customer to trust you, there is a very small possibility of building any rapport at all. This in turn, is bound to affect the success of the call. In order to provide good customer service, it is essential to be aware the customer’s emotions and look at things through his perspective. Once you are able to do this, it is easier to be on the same page. Sincerity will also go a long way in establishing the trust of your customer.

Telemarketing: The Dos and Don’ts in Los Angles

Things you can do while telemarketing in LA

Attending a telemarketing training session in LA, before making a start is highly recommended. In order to be effective, it is crucial for a telemarketer to establish a good rapport with the customer from the very beginning.

Before making a call, the telemarketer should be relaxed and well prepared with what he or she is going to say. If the telemarketer is unprepared and fumbles, there is a good possibility that the customer will loose interest immediately.

A pleasant tone of voice and confidence is also important to give the telemarketer a strong footing in the conversation. In order to avoid misunderstandings, it is better to use the same words that the customer is using, especially in the case of descriptions. In addition, a telemarketer must be able to look at things from the point of view of the customer in order to be able to empathize with the customer.

Things to avoid in telemarketing

As mentioned in all telemarketing training sessions, since a telemarketer has a short span of time to get through to the customer, it is better to avoid irrelevant talk.

Interrupting a customer while he is speaking or bluntly disagreeing with the customer will definitely have an adverse effect on the outcome of the telephonic conversation. Instead, allow the customer to finish before you place your point of view before him. Avoid reading out a script as this may result in losing the customer’s attention. Similarly, speaking in long, winding sentences may also confuse the customer.

Never get distracted while in a conversation. Never lie about a product in an attempt to convince the customer about the same. Even calling at odd times of the day is not recommended at all.

Few Tips for Customer Service in Los Angles CA

Why Customer Service is Important in LA

Customer service can make or break a company’s reputation with its clients. Good customer service training can help customer service representatives handle any situation, and keep your customers happy.

The client’s state of mind is very important when providing customer service. Talking to a client who has a complaint is not always easy, but with a few tips, it isn’t impossible. Here are a few customer service-training tips, to keep your representatives ready to face any situation.

Never be Impersonal: Customers always react better when they are referred to by their name, instead of just a client ID number. Treating your customers as a statistic or a number will make them feel agitated. When you use their first name, they feel unique and respected.

Always Smile: A customer service representative who is happy, cheerful, and understanding tends to do better with customers. Smiling and being cheerful will leave a good impression on your customers about you and your company. A cheerful attitude always helps, even if the conversation is over the phone.

Other Handy Customer Service Training Advice

There are many other simple ways to keep your customers happy with your service in LA.

Empathize with them: Listen carefully to your client’s complaints or remarks, and answer accordingly. If you’re reading from a book or if your answers are robotic, your customer will not like the service. Showing concern and offering to assist them will keep them satisfied.

Handle complaints promptly: Address customer issues and concerns as soon as you can. No one likes to be kept waiting for days or weeks when they’re expecting service. The longer you make a customer wait, the more like they are to sever ties with your company, and begin looking for services elsewhere.

Customer service training can help representatives know exactly how to deal with people on a day-to-day basis. Good customer service improves customer loyalty and increases profits.

Client Versus Customers in Los Angles CA

The Difference Between Clients and Customers in LA

Sales teams, marketers and professionals need to know the difference between customers and clients. Most people use these two terms interchangeably as they think the difference between these two terms is a matter of semantics. Although many businesses have stopped distinguishing between these two terms, it pays to know the subtlest differences. This way, sales people can direct correct marketing strategies towards. Residents in big and glamorous cities like Los Angeles, CA, expect to get the best service and treatment, and are use to being treated like royalty. If the sales team is knowledgeable about the services expected by customers versus those expected by clients, it can give the company an edge in the market.

Relationships Matter

There are many sales training centers worldwide that emphasize the difference between customers and clients. For example, institutes in Los Angeles, CA, point out that there are long-term and meaningful relationships that are formed with clients. A customer on the other hand expects to be served efficiently just once. He/she expects goods in exchange for money and nothing else. Businesses nowadays, in a bid to improve sales, are bent on providing the best services and products to their customers and often refer to them as clients. Clients go back to the same company many times to purchase products from the company and as a result, businesses are looking to find clients and not customers.

Clients also do not need to go to the establishment to avail services. To retain clients sales teams often use marketing strategies like home delivery and special offers, provide customized information and services, etc. to show clients that they are valued. This creates an emotional bond and increases the trust that clients place with the company. Unlike customers, clients expect to receive advice and guidance from the company they are following.