Professional Telemarketing Sales Training for Los Angeles Businesses

Need to make a sale? Just pick up that phone and make that call!

In this age of telecommunications and digital media, you don’t have to meet people to sell them something. All you have to do is talk to them and show them how to buy your product by satisfying their needs, over the phone. Wondering how? That is exactly what Training For Success’s telemarketing training program delivers throughout Los Angeles.

Create phone meetings and telemarketing sales appointments

The marketing and sales domains have undergone significant changes in the past few years and personal sales visits have been replaced by telemarketing, tele sales and the Internet. Considering the convenience and cost-effectiveness of telemarketing, a number of companies have switched to this mode for selling.

The telemarketing training and coaching programs offered by Training For Success will help your staff in making a transition from the traditional method of selling to selling through the telephone. With the help of our training programs, your employees will learn to –

  • Deal with the challenges in telemarketing, and turn them into opportunities
  • Use telemarketing strategies to improve the number of successful sales on calls
  • Gauge the buyers’ needs and priorities to offer appropriate products or services
  • Use questioning techniques to understand buyer’s attitudes
  • Create a positive rapport with callers and encourage them to buy the product
  • Handle different kinds of buyers and close the sale on the call

To put it simply, our telemarketing sales program will help your company drive sales, while keeping the costs to a minimum.

Customized tele sales training for your industry

The challenges involved in telemarketing and sales can differ from one industry to another. Keeping that in mind, we devise tele marketing and sales training programs that are most suitable for your industry, the kind of products or services you offer, your target audience, and also the experience and understanding levels of your sales staff.

Training For Success‘s training programs also focus on telemarketing strategies that can help your staff make the most of resources, drive call-to-sales conversion figures and help in increasing revenues in a cost-effective manner. As a Los Angeles business owner/merchant you can expect all this and more from our telemarketing training programs that are effective and affordable too.

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