Being Successful in the LA Sales Marketplace is an Ongoing Process

Being successful when it comes to sales is an ongoing process. Everyone who is successful in the sales world has spent hours and hours working on being better at sales than they were the day before. If you are 50 years old and have been in the sales industry for 30 years and are doing exactly the same thing you were doing 30 years ago there is no way that you are going to be as successful as a 50 year old that has been in the sales industry 30 years who is constantly honing their craft and adjusting to the times. Although there are many core aspects of sales that never change, by adjusting your techniques to the environment, you will be exponentially more successful.

What Are Some Techniques That Will Help Me Hone My Craft in LA?

If you are one of those people in the sales industry that are driven by success, this question comes up on a regular basis.

Below are seven sales training ideas that when used will help you continuously improve your skills:

1. At the end of the day evaluate your overall performance and choose one item that you can improve.

2. Find another salesperson that you feel will help push you to be more successful. Healthy competition is always a good thing.

3. Spend at least 15 minutes a day reading information about sales (via books, blogs, websites).

4. Keep track of your performance on weekly and monthly basis. (Understand that not all weeks and months are equal – but keeping track of your performance, you’ll be able to account for those type of discrepancies)

5. On a monthly basis, pick one part of your sales job that you want to pay extra attention.

6. Ask customers what they notice other salespeople do.

7. Never settle! Understand that there is always room for improvement, better yourself constantly.

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