Client Versus Customers in Los Angles CA

The Difference Between Clients and Customers in LA

Sales teams, marketers and professionals need to know the difference between customers and clients. Most people use these two terms interchangeably as they think the difference between these two terms is a matter of semantics. Although many businesses have stopped distinguishing between these two terms, it pays to know the subtlest differences. This way, sales people can direct correct marketing strategies towards. Residents in big and glamorous cities like Los Angeles, CA, expect to get the best service and treatment, and are use to being treated like royalty. If the sales team is knowledgeable about the services expected by customers versus those expected by clients, it can give the company an edge in the market.

Relationships Matter

There are many sales training centers worldwide that emphasize the difference between customers and clients. For example, institutes in Los Angeles, CA, point out that there are long-term and meaningful relationships that are formed with clients. A customer on the other hand expects to be served efficiently just once. He/she expects goods in exchange for money and nothing else. Businesses nowadays, in a bid to improve sales, are bent on providing the best services and products to their customers and often refer to them as clients. Clients go back to the same company many times to purchase products from the company and as a result, businesses are looking to find clients and not customers.

Clients also do not need to go to the establishment to avail services. To retain clients sales teams often use marketing strategies like home delivery and special offers, provide customized information and services, etc. to show clients that they are valued. This creates an emotional bond and increases the trust that clients place with the company. Unlike customers, clients expect to receive advice and guidance from the company they are following.

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