4 Things to Know to Prepare for a Sales Call in LA

Many employees in Los Angeles dread making sales calls simply because of the discrepancy between the effort involved, and the results. Making sales calls can be an extremely time-consuming endeavour, especially since there is never a guarantee of making a conversion. Let us take a look at some important things to keep in mind when making a sales call.

Create a greeting in Los Angles

As a sales professional, you will get one opportunity right at the beginning of a sales call to make an impression. In doing so, you will first need to greet the individual on the other end of the line in a professional manner, while also incentivising him/her to continue a conversation with you. It is always ideal to create a greeting that highlights at least one benefit to the potential consumer of availing in your offer.

State purpose

Far too many sales professionals spend time trying to beat around the bush before actually getting to the point. It is important to understand that potential consumers have busy schedules. When you make a sales call, you should always equip yourself with a script that explicitly states the purpose of the call. This will vastly increase the chances of you making a speedy closing sale.

Get a confirmation

Once you have spurred the interest of a potential client, it is imperative that you arrange for a follow-up call or a meeting. Clients may forget that they have spoken to you. If you arrange for a second conversation, you will be force them to make a mental note of the interaction.

Show gratitude

After you have piqued the interest of a potential client, and scheduled a follow up call or meeting, you must thank them for their time and energy. Potential clients are more likely to remember a sales call if you display professionalism and courteousness. Invest time into creating a professional ‘thank you’ so that your client feels valued, and you can make a closing sale.

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